IT in Fulfillment. What Is Alex Doing When She’s Not Conquering Mountain Tops?


As IT Project Manager, Aleksandra is leading our IT team and ensuring IT initiatives are done and finished in line with our business plans.

The need for project managers has risen as more businesses go digital or transfer to cloud-based working methods. But not just any project manager — specifically, those with technical knowledge.

Today, they are essential in any industry that relies on or uses IT and order fulfillment is no exception. Fulfillment depends on various technologies, a network of connected warehouse spaces and transportation options, and flexible strategies.

What led to you joining SMS? Tell us something about your previous career path.

What steered my career towards SMS? Well, as Liza Minnelli said, “Money makes the world go round” 🙂 Just kidding. What initially caught my attention was the job description and the potential for growth and advancement. During the interview process, I had the chance to learn more about the company and the team I would be working with. A group of young, laidback happy people in the office also left a positive note.

Advancement doesn’t just happen automatically. What was the climb up the corporate ladder for you like?

Well, my journey with sms was one exciting ride. At the time, I was looking for an administrative assistant job, so I applied for the Administrative assistant position, unaware of another opening in the company. Because of my previous diverse experience, I, instead, was hired for the Category Manager position for the then project. One year later, my role changed to Account Manager, caring for one of our biggest clients. Another year later, my career path took another turn, and I was promoted to my current position as an IT Project Manager.


How much has SMS changed since you joined the team?

A lot! Except for the normal fluctuation of people, where some people left, and some new arrived, we also got a small-big “reinforcement”. Four beautiful babies came into this world in the last three years. The growth of our team in Serbia meant we needed a new office, so we moved to a bigger, better and more modern office that goes well with our team’s spirit. The company has invested heavily in technology and digital transformation. We expanded our warehouse in Austria and programmed special software to manage the new packing machine “Kardex”. This has streamlined our processes, enhanced efficiency, and improved the overall customer experience.

Today, you are making sure all IT goals are reached. What is the scope of your duties, and tell us something about SMS’s IT team?

Like all PMs, my job is to lead my team; to guide, support and motivate each of them while ensuring that we stay on schedule. Our daily work includes allocating personnel, assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and conducting assurance activities and reviews.

The IT team has changed the most in the last three years. We now have 5 great software developers eager to tackle job challenges and improve fulfillment processes with state-of-the-art technology. Sometimes they are like kids, competing among themselves who will take the next exciting task or finish one before others.

What is the role and scope of tasks of our IT team?

Our IT team is crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning and optimal performance of the sms’s technological infrastructure. One of their primary responsibilities is maintaining and managing the organization’s hardware and software systems. They also support our clients by providing technical assistance and meeting their needs through their fulfillment. Moreover, they collaborate with other team managers to organize training courses for new colleagues, facilitating their smooth integration into the company.

We are in the middle of the year. What is ahead for you and your team?

Over the past year, we completed two critical projects that have significantly impacted our company. Firstly, we re-created fulfillment software to meet our organizational needs, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. In addition to the new system, we developed an app that manages Kardex – our pick&pack machine. This further optimized the process in our warehouse and improved overall productivity. With the successful completion of these significant projects, we can now allocate resources towards various side projects, both internal and external.


What does your life outside the office look like?

Before the covid epidemic, I practised Arab folk dances like raqs sharqi (belly dance) and dabke. Although I am no longer active in these dance forms, they engaged me in Arab culture, developing an appreciation for traditional dances and the storytelling power of movement. Alongside my passion for dance, I find joy in hiking as it allows me to disconnect from the daily routine, appreciate the beauty of nature, and challenge myself physically. I also love reading, although I admit that sometimes I doze off even before the end of the page. Nevertheless, I persist in my reading habits, as they keep me relaxed and feed my imagination.


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