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Custom packaging by SMS Fulfillment Solutions

Custom packaging by SMS Fulfillment Solutions

You have worked so hard to create a product and experience that will appeal to your customers – why disappoint at the last stage? Don’t!
With our custom packaging, you will add value to your product without increasing the price. Branded, sealed, and safely delivered products for a loyal customer base and increased profits.

Custom packaging

Packaging according to your brand that stands out from the competition: boxes, customised tapes, stickers, and fillers. Add value to your product without increasing the price.

Custom packaging
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Kitting is a process where your individual items are bundled together in a package. We can advise on the most cost-effective box size and combos for fitted boxes.


‘Thank you’ notes, personalised packing slips, marketing materials, product samples, and discount offers. For the “wow factor” you are aiming for.

The value of custom packaging

40% of customers prefer brands that personalise the shopping experience.
73% consider the post-purchase experience the most memorable.

Direct Mailing Fulfillment

Direct Mailing Fulfillment

With many disadvantages of electronic mail like spam, design issues and general noise in the space, this could be the perfect way to deliver the message about your product, promotion, or special offer to your customer. And we mean directly! Use physical mail as another channel for an effective marketing campaign.

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