We deliver success.

We manage everything from inventory management, pick and pack to shipping. At the same time, you can focus on giving your customers the best online shopping experience.

Each team member is a vital link in our chain of success.

SMS fulfillment ceo Georg Weidinger

Georg Weidinger


Georg WeidingerCEO

As an FMCG company export manager for several years, I transitioned to the logistics industry in 1999. In 2012, after 6 years as CEO of Swiss Post International Austria, the idea of a fulfilment company was born, and a year later, swiss mail solutions was founded as a warehousing and distribution company for the e-commerce industry worldwide. In 2023, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary under a new name - SMS Fulfillment Services. The new branding and visual identity are aligned with SMS's progressive approach to fulfillment.

Miloš Pavlović

Managing Director

Miloš PavlovićManaging Director

Zorana Eraković Karić

Head of Sales

Zorana ErakovićHead of Sales

As a Head of Sales, my focus is on helping clients expand their full business potential while leading my team to reach their targets. I enjoy finding innovative solutions and building new relationships. In a decade-long work experience, I've seen all the wins, the losses, and everything in between. Since sports run through my veins, I live for the thrill of competition, whether in the boardroom or on the volleyball court.

Katarina Čubrilo

Sales Manager

Katarina ČubriloSales Manager

Katarina, a remarkable and ambitious individual who has held the esteemed title of the youngest crew member of SMS for over a year now. As a fresh sales manager in the thriving e-commerce industry, Katarina fearlessly embraces every challenge, demonstrating an unwavering determination to learn and grow. Fun fact: proud mom of 7 plants.

Snežana Tomić

Marketing Manager

Snežana TomićMarketing Manager

Urban vibe addict, genuinely thriving in a collaborative and dynamic atmosphere. SMS is a perfect fit for me, and I do my best to show it around the office. Proud to navigate the company’s journey to visual innovation and elevated digital presence.

Ivana Tasić

Administrative Assistant

Ivana TasićAdministrative Assistant

Aleksandra Zbiljić

Project Manager

Aleksandra ZbiljićProject Manager

Alex excels in seamless project executions, resource utilization, and proactive communication. With diverse expertise in multitasking, customer support, and creative tools like Microsoft Office, WordPress, and Adobe Photoshop, she drives unified project success. Outside the office, she’s conquering mountain tops.

Aleksandra Fridl

Software Developer

Aleksandra FridlSoftware Developer

I like to combine my passion for art and programming to create interactive solutions. My goal is to transform abstract ideas into functional and aesthetic experiences.

Nikola Stanković

Software Developer

Nikola StankovićSoftware Developer

Full-stack code wizard with a passion for AI and gaming. Enjoys building epic software that wows users and solves real-world problems. Constantly levelling up skills!

Valentina Vladisavljević

Software Developer

Valentina VladisavljevićSoftware Developer

Master of Faculty of Fine Arts and Developer. Developing back-end components and front-end user-facing features, ensuring they translate our company and customer needs into functional and appealing interactive applications.

Nenad Jovanović

Software Developer

Nenad JovanovićSoftware Developer

Experienced developer happy to be a part of a great team! At SMS I am responsible for implementing, monitoring, testing and troubleshooting code to ensure our systems work smoothly.

Vladislav Hristodulo

Software Developer

Vladislav HristoduloSoftware Developer

Code ninja with a black belt in problem-solving. Enjoys building epic apps and solves real-world problems. Working as a software developer by day - contemplating the mysteries of the universe by night.

Jelena Radmanović

Head of Back Office

Jelena RadmanovićHead of Back Office

Head of back office passionate about optimising processes and driving efficiency in every aspect of our business. Having worked in various industries, I understand organisations' unique challenges in their back-office functions. My approach centres on identifying opportunities for improvement and nurturing a high-performing team dedicated to achieving operational excellence. My mission is to optimise workflows, minimise bottlenecks, and empower our team to deliver their best daily work. When I'm not immersed in back-office matters, you can find me exploring new destinations, savouring a good cup of coffee, or spending quality time with my family and friends.

Vladimir Dragoljević


Vladimir DragoljevićBack-office

A proud member of the SMS team for more than 5 years with more than 10 years of experience in logistics. Always do my best for the company and the team, working with the aim of getting all tasks done on time and with maximum efficiency. In my free time love spending time in nature with my family and my French bulldog.

Tamara Filipović

Back-office and Accounting

Tamara FilipovićBack-office and Accounting

I am a passionate adrenaline lover! I chose my career path in the field of Finance. At SMS, I play a vital role in the company's financial operations. Dog lover.

Jelena Antonijević


Jelena AntonijevićBack-office

Back Office Administrator with experience in managing a small business, banking, and fulfillment storage services industry. Responsible, precise administrative professional with a bachelor’s degree.

Jelena Banković


Jelena BankovićBack-office

Experienced Back Office Administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the fulfilment and storage services industry. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Account Management, English, Teamwork, and Leadership. Strong administrative professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in International Business/Trade/Commerce from University of Economics in Belgrade.

Xing Chen


Xing ChenBack-office

Nevena Ilić Saković


Nevena Ilić SakovićBack-office

Konstantin Ristić

Logistics Assistant

Konstantin RistićLogistics Assistant

Experienced logistics assistant with 5 years of expertise. Proficient in coordinating shipments, managing inventory, and optimising supply chain operations. Analytical and problem-solving skills supported by soft skills in the background.

Nenad Đokić


Nenad ĐokićDriver

Marko Volkanovski


Marko VolkanovskiDriver

Carmina Pop

Administrative Assistant

Carmina PopAdministrative Assistant

Eva Maria Huber

Head of Fulfillment

Eva Maria HuberHead of Fulfillment

El Sayed Mansour

Warehouse Manager

El Sayed MansourWarehouse Manager

Adam Asuev


Adam AsuevDriver

Natalie Albrecht


Natalie AlbrechtPacker

Monika Koberl


Monika KoberlPacker

Ana Szpilarewicz


Ana SzpilarewiczPacker

We’re a growing team of fulfillment, IT, marketing and sales experts.

We understand the complexity of the industry and the value of taking a break.

Collaborative, open communication is crucial for our success.
We understand the complexity of the industry and the value of meeting our client's needs.
A group of young, laidback happy people in the office also left a positive note during my interview day.
There’s hardly anything typical when you work in eCommerce. Every day is a new adventure.
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